New York Comic Con 2015


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Anyone else win the que game this year and get tickets? I had the IPad, laptop, and smart phone all in que. Only my wife hit a win on her phone with getting us tickets. I'm hoping for Star Wars guest with the opening not far from comic con.

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What a train wreck that queue thing was. Awful system.

I wanted a 3-day but those were sold out by the time I got through, so I ended up with Saturday only. I'm going to NYCC Special Edition in June where additional tickets should be on sale, so maybe I'll luck out then.

It seems that scalpers got most of the tickets. There are pages and pages of them on ebay and stub hub for outrageous prices: $1500 for a VIP pass!!!


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I hear ya. I was in queue from noon all the way until about 2:30pm. I gave up, then ran up to Starbucks with my wife..and somehow she got through instantly on her phone and we were able to get two tickets. I heard the same story from many friends about the terrible system. I checked EBay while I was stuck in queue purgatory and saw the same thing. Jacked up prices, sometimes as much as four times face value of a single ticket.

I have always hated scalpers, and promised myself long ago that if I could not get tickets for an event that there was no way I would buy from someone that does that.

I tried to get tickets last year and failed. There has got to be a better way for NYCC to sell tickets.
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