New Y-Wing Helmet


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For anyone who's interessted a friend from UK had scratchbuild a new Y-Wing Helmet included Visor.Its made of fiberglass and the detail parts are made by myself.I am the first person which received one of this cool helmets
and you can see my building process at this link:
Dex's Y-Wing Helmet building thread


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Do you think you can be bothered to post a few pics and a little explanation here as well?

I personally do prefer seeing build threads shown off here on the RPFdirectly, instead of having to head over to another board, regardless whether it´s an affiliate board or not ;) Makes discussing a topic a little easier ;)


Hi all!
Yes, I'll be doing a small run of the Y-wing helmets. I'm DexJay here and Dex over on the dented helmet. I'll be uploading a build diary shortly, I've been meaning to do one on here actually for ages! ywingfighter's has come together really quick it seems, but behind the scenes, it's taken months! Still it looks good and is the 1st one painted as the rest of them are still in gelcoat here in the UK!



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All quiet here! I was hoping to see a flowering of builds and paint ups of different pilots.