New Trek Movies...Will Encounter Whale Probe?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by hankey01, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Just a random thought..completely random. I wasn't even thinking about Star Trek when this popped into my head.

    Presumably the whale probe 'aliens' last contacted the humpback whales long before the Federation and space travel, and I'm sure in Star Trek IV Spock says what year whales became extinct. Since that was LONG BEFORE this new alternate Trek timeline, then the whale probe should still be set for earth, or will be sent to earth at the same Stardate.

    Now the puzzling part. The timeline where the crazy Romulan Nero goes back in time to destroy Vulcan was still in tact..ONLY in tact because Old Kirk and Spock went back and saved whales. Now, many years after the 1980's "Kirk visit" THAT timeline was altered by Nero so THAT Kirk (the new Kirk) won't be going back in time to get 2 whales, thus saving that timeline which leads to Nero going back after Spock. Still this alternate timeline SHOULD still have a whale probe in it's future.

    Oh what a mess time travel creates.
  2. Mullreel

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    I think the T-1000 will kill the whales this time.
  3. Mercury

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    How about this time twist. Young Spock knows why Nero came back to destroy Vulcan. Will he, as old Spock make sure he stops Romulas from being destroyed and by so doing correct the timeline back to what it was suppose to be? He'd not only save Romulas, but his mother and Vulcan. Would Kirk help him knowng it would also save his father? With the original timeline crew, they would always try to set time back on course. That plotline could be of use to a future reboot.
  4. Jeyl

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    Forget the whale probe. What about...


    One of the scariest "things" from Star Trek in my opinion. The dark blue cloud in space... consuming ships it comes across... the lightning visuals warning you of what's coming... Jerry Goldsmith's blaster beam score... God, that scared the living snot out of me when I was a kid. Couldn't look at a lightning storm without the urge to run away from that plasma bolt.
  5. GeneralFROSTY


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    Now THIS would make for an interesting plot for a finale to the JJ Trek universe. I would like to see something like this done by the third movie (if we ever even get a second) and maybe bring back TNG timeline characters.
  6. TheDoctor

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    Not at all. Who says Humpbacks are extinct in this alternate timeline? After all, since the movie was released Humpbacks have made an amazing recovery - so much so that the species is now considered "Least Concern" in the conservation status. The whale probe may never have been sent.

    As for V'Ger, maybe this new universe is much like ours in that only two Voyager Probes were launched (and Voyager 6, which V'Ger was based on, never existed).
  7. Contec

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    You also have Nomad to worry about.
  8. CessnaDriver

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    It's a totally different 'verse and timeline.
    They don't have to adhere to anything.
  9. Mola Rob

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    If the whale probe does return at least the CGI will be easy. All they have to do is scan an oil drum and soccer ball and instant probe!
  10. CessnaDriver

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    That thing was one of the most non-sensical threats to earth ever.

    I will rattle this planet to death unless I get to talk to an extinct whale * you!!!!

    Conversation was probably pretty * boring too.

    Whales: ... Hungry! Krill so good. Give us Krill.

    Cigar and Soccer Ball: Uh, I thought you guys were going to evolve to some incredible intelligence?

    Whales: Gimme Krill! mmmmmmm

    Cigar and Soccer Ball: I'm just gonna, uh, go now, you guys have fun now.

    Whales: squeeeekkkkk creeeeekkkk squeeeeeeek

    Cigar and Soccer Ball: Hmmmm, wonder how my cousin V'Ger is doing
    these days? I should have listened when when he said whales wern't a good investment.

    Did the federation even bother to see where the effing thing went next?
    What other planets would it rattle to death because it couldn't talk to an extinct space dolphin?

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