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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Chitown12345, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Chitown12345

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    I really want a spiderman costume for Halloween but i don't know where to start. Do i buy the design first? Then what?
  2. Peachpanda

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    buy the design from people like orhadar or crazyfranky, get it printed through fabric on demand, get it sewn through trophywife, get the faceshell and lenses through tjack. if you're on a budget, getting it printed and sewn through herostime is good too.
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  3. AmazingRyno

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    The RPC studio seems like a good place for a one stop shop for a completed suit. Looks like now they offer to print and sew whatever pattern/ file you have.
  4. Psycho815

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    You should try Everyone here HATES this site because they used to steal orhadar's patterns and use them to sell suits without his permission. However, because of all the hate, they have stopped stealing designs andyou now must directly buy the pattern from orhadar(or anyone else) and send it to them before they'll make a custom suit. Suits that feature orhadar's designs on zentaizentai have a link to his site so you can buy the pattern and then return to the zentazentai site to place an order. It's pretty cheap!
  5. George

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    Or you can get a suit from Zentaizone.They have an excellent customer/tailoring service,a wide variety of (spider-man) suits and they also sell faceshells+lenses.Order all in one:thumbsup

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