New to RPF, Chappie Replica help please!


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So I am new to the replica and pepakura work. I have already started a full Iron Man mk8 helmet and waiting for my fiberglass resign to cure. Pictures soon to come if anyone wants to see! I am already addicted and have a couple of requests if anybody can help, I would love to make a Chappie replica mask (or better yet full body) and a Deadpool one, haven't found a good template yet and am thinking of just using death stroke as a base and build from that. Anyhow if anybody could make, or link, a chappie template I would really appreciate it!! I hope this is in the right post section, like I said I'm new to the site.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: New to RPF, Replica help please!

Hi MercWithAMouth1. Welcome to the forum. You are in the right section for Chappie however Marvel Comics has it's own section and DC Comics does as well so please be sure to post in the appropriate section for your inquiries. Someone already started a Chappie thread called "Chappie Resource Thread" so you might want to see if their is any info in it that may help you out. The forum's search function is a great tool for looking up a thread by a word in it's title. I hope that helps.
Re: New to RPF, Replica help please!

I appreciate the response ARKM, I found that Chappie Resource Thread so far they are doing great I will stay updated on the thread. Thank you, this helps greatly.
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