New to costuming need advice on coloring gloves


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Hey Everyone, I am new to costuming and my first attempt will be Captain America. I found some red motorcycle gloves that will work pretty well but they also have black on them. What is the best way to color the black areas? It is some kind of leather material. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Ther're some acrylic based leather paints that work pretty well on shoes... if the area to b painted is in a high-flex area (like the palm or the finger crotches) you maaaay end up with some cracking if th paint is applied too thick.


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Ive.always had great luck with nu-life spray. For a pair of boots I sprayed a base of nu life and then hit it with krylon. Had absolutely no issues.

Darth Mule

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I'd go with the Tarago or Angelus for leather paints/dyes. The Nu-life will crack on gloves.

Basic dye rule is that you can only dye something darker than it already is. Otherwise you have to paint.


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Great suggestions! I will need to to do boots as well so I will look into to all of it. Thanks for the help. I am sure I will run into some more roadblocks but you got me started in the right direction
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