New Titanic 3D trailer.....

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by niennumb1, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. niennumb1

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    WOW! The 3D really sells this online trailer!

    Trailer here

    I mean everything just pops out at you and looks unbelievable.

    Seriously how do you sell 3D through 2D internet trailers...... :behave
  2. robn1

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    SCTV sold it pretty well.
  3. Betamin

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  4. Jeyl

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    I'm so lost.
  5. darthgordon

    darthgordon Sr Member

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    Well I want to pay 13 bucks to see a movie that TBS plays 70 times a year...

    From the director that ripped off Pocahontas... now he's even ripping off his own stuff...
  6. GotWookiee

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    I'll probably go see it. I haven't seen Titanic since it was in theaters the first time.
  7. Bootlegger137

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    My 4 year old son loves the Titanic. He was telling his Pre-K teacher all about how the boat hit an iceberg, broke in two, and how all the people turned into popsicles.

    Besides, it comes just in time to cash in on the 100th anniversary of the sinking.
  8. nickytea

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    I'll be checking it out in IMAX. Apparently they've gone back to the original film elements and un-matted the entire movie for the taller IMAX presentation.
  9. Polexia

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    :lol Well said!

    Although, I will most likely go see it. I didn't see it in theaters the first time around.
  10. CTF

    CTF Sr Member

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    I'm not a hater, just not interested.

    I should be a hater, though, 'cause that son o' a ***** Jim told me to **** off when I last saw him.

    True story.

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