NEW Star Blazers anime

Wes R

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It does look pretty good. I never saw the original. I'm hoping to see the live action one. Now that anime has a fan base in the US they tend to spend more producing it in Japan if they think it might carry over. Plus now that everything is colored and done on computer the quality is amazing even for the cheap ones.


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Fair point, but for us "1%-ers" (oh yeah, baby. I'm a badass!), it gets a bit confusing. Upon first seeing the title, I thought "Wait, they're doing a new Star Blazers thing...without first having done the Japanese version?!"


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Ya looks great! Can't wait to see more.

My 4 year old was lovin those new vids (as was I!), one of his favorite vids is the little pachinko GCI movie of Yamato (mwjedi, I believe your avatar is a clip from it). I'm waiting for a new series to out do the awesomeness of that little clip!!



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Aw hell yea! Yamato is one of the reasons I'm such an anime nut,it may sound strange but I liked it because a lot of the crew died-unlike American "cartoons" characters actually died! and it was the same with Macross aka "Robotech"

Now I wonder if they'll bring the other shows that tie in with Yamato? in other words Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999? and yes they are ALL tied together go read the GE manga from about ten years ago and Harlock and the Yamato both show up.