new SPACE 1999 Eagle miniature BLUEPRINTS

phase pistol

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Wow I just got a set of these blueprints and had to cheer about them!

These are very well done indeed. Unlike previous efforts (such as Baldassari's fine work, or the EAGLE II poster project), this set of plans is not at all idealized... in fact it SPECIFICALLY documents the parts used in one Eagle miniature in particular.. the 44" first season Eagle.

The only down side I can see is the high price, which may well be justified by the high quality. Too bad these prints aren't more affordable.

But if you can swing it, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

(I don't know Prudhomme or Trice personally BTW... just a satisfied customer!)


Eight sheets, with multiple orthogonal and 3-D views of each component of the Eagle. Off the shelf model kit parts, such as the famous Airfix Saturn V and the Gemini capsule, which were used as greeblies, are called out!

Perfect for people building scratch 44" Eagles, although the plans themselves are half scale, to size with the 22" miniatures and kits that are available.

- Karl
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