New Sonic Screwdriver Measurements?


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Hi everyone...

I'm trying to get a handle on all these different new sonic screwdrivers...I have the extending Tennant toy and know that it's a bit too big?

Does anyone have measurements as far as length to the different sonics?
Say Eccleston vs Tennant...and is the Matt Smith Toy accurate in size?
I have almost finished up my Eccleston Sonic and plan on posting my plans once I have them all ironed out (I am making each part then cross fading it with screen caps to make sure it it is as close as possible). I do not know for sure if it is dead on but it is reeeeeeealy close.

The body on mine is .743 wide (based on the width of the tactile switch and it matches up fairly close to the width of the MFX) and a total length closed of 5.891 (again based on the known size of the switch). That should get you started. I plan on trying to finish it up this week and clean up the plans (they are a mess right now :lol).
Phez...that looks Fantastic ;)
Phez's are COOL! :)

I would dearly love to see the plans thank you...
The Eccleston is my favorite and seems the most elusive.
There is not alot of difference to the Series 4 Tennant Screwdriver and the Series 1 Eccelston. Both have their little quirks as you move along the series and the handful of different types, but as far as basic measurements they are pretty similar. Most of the variances are simply the buttons and slider mechanism.

The 11 sonic toy is pretty close to the prop from what I have heard.
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