Unlimited Run New smaller inception tops just $20 shipped!


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I did a new batch of inception totems, the spinning top seen here, a tad smaller than before.

IMG_20150220_153635651.jpg IMG_20150220_153644366.jpg IMG_20150220_153700502.jpg IMG_20150220_153719525.jpg

They're stainless steel and 25mm tall, smaller than my original run back when the film came out. Multiple tops were used in filming, and this run matches the size of the one seen in scenes like this one. You can get a feel for the scale by looking at ho much of his fingernails get covered by the top when he holds it like this.

They fit better in your pocket, and don't press against your thigh as much if you're wearing tighter jeans

They're $17 each, $3 shipping per order. $7 out of USA
payments@custom3dstuff.com for paypal.
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Jive Turkey

Resurrecting this thread on the off chance these are still available.

edit: noticed you had a link in your sig and checked it out. Only reason I didn't just order there is because I'm not sure which finish is the same as the one in your original post in this thread. That's the look I'd like. If you can let me know, I'll go ahead through your site

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