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franz bolo

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I've had a bunch of character designs for a few years but never did anything with them. My wife liked them and wrote a story for a mini kids book.

I got my friend Gabriel Marquez. who also did the Sideshow Boromir Sculpt, to make this little guy. This is the wax sculpt and I'll be casting him in resin.

The 2nd image is a 6-Color Silk-Screen I'm making. I should have all this stuff and the booklet ready for NYCC next month. :carrot



Likey. Dirty them up and they make me think of something ThreeA would put out. As asked earlier will you be producing these? I think it would kinda be cool to have a contest. Maybe offer blanks and see what people come up with.

I'm going to cast them in resin, waiting on RTV now. I'll be bringing a few to NYCC along with the booklets and posters.

All the custom toys I do are weathered so I'm sure this guy will be similar. 3A makes some great stuff but I started weathering my first customs a year before their figures came out. :eek

Here's the first figure I made in this series. The next character will be the rounded one at the top right of the poster.

I remember seeing that now. You posted that awhile back. Where can we sign up? I couldn't find a buy me now on your site. Fantastic stuff really. I do love threeA style toys. Sometimes it's hard to get any directly and the secondary market is sometimes nuts
Have you considered setting up a newsletter so people can subscribe to your stuff. I look forward to your Etsy shop.

I think I'll be doing that soon. I had a lot of interest in the first character I made but I wasn't really focused on it at the time and only made 3 of them. It's also odd to have people into my work.

The customs I've made sold real well but it caught me off guard since I never considered becoming an "Artist". :darnkids Luckily I get a lot of emails about them and it gave me the boost to pursue this avenue.

Thanks again for the interest!

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