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I have not seen anything like this.. so if it says Rubies. id imagine its not going to be the best suit in the world. however you ma be able to scrap some of the random parts off of it and Modify them... ( what "I" would do )


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I actually did that once with the other rubies Pred costume, I was trying to make a halloween costume, never finished it.



carpe noctem

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PLEASE ,PLEASE DONT DO IT!!! what a piece of crap!!! lol rubies stands for R U a Big Idiot or Extremely Stupid for buying it !!! they make crap :D stick to the lair, i know expensive but it pays off at the end plus some guys make great templates for different pieces..
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hes right I'm afraid. I did a rubies mod as well. I removed all the rubber armour for my suit. The money I paid for ebay fees, shipping, and of course the huge overpricing (had I searched a bit longer I'd have found cheaper rubies suits) could have been well used towards pieces here. from now on, I only buy the good stuff. Why compromise and settle, and end up spending the money later anyway?



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Ooh, individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible. That's it, I'm hooked, I have to get that.


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Well if you look at the picture the "deluxe" mask gives you a sneek peak of what the armor will look like. Picture that only more floppy. That being said you may be able to salvage one or two bits from it but over all I am expecting it to be the same as the AVP suit.


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if monies tight and you really need or want a costume then why not you can mod it or save to buy a decent latex suit in the future, plus you can practice modifying on it doesn't really matter if it goes **** up!


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I'm wondering if its worth a crap for a casual predator costume for fun.
Went to the morris costumes site to have a look and the full costume is a drawing. Which means not ready for prime time and will most likely be crap. Could you salvage some bits? Sure you could, then you'd spend as much making them right as you would just scratch building the rest of the suit from what I've seen and experienced so far myself. If you do get it though, lets us know what it looks like.....although their stock indicator says they have none currently.


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i havent got the new one but ive got the old predator one it comes with the crapest mask its not that good but its good for children to wear its there standarad so i dont suggest u buy the new one but if u do u shuld mod it