New Resin Avp Backpack Finished


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Here's my new AvP backpack. This one is resin, but I'll be stone molding for latex castings of it this weekend. Let me know what you think.

AvP Backpack 150a.jpg

AvP Backpack 250a.jpg


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Looks realy great! Is it heavy? Are you going to try to take a stone mold off of that, or is your sculpture still intact?


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I think it looks really excellent... in my personal opinion.

I am going to have to check out this "stone molding". I've heard the term thrown around but haven't grasped the meaning quite yet.


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You did an amazing job on this mannowar! A Stone mold basically is hard mold used for pulling soft parts like latex backpacks. Rule of thumb hard mold /soft pull(ultracal / latex), Soft mold /hard pull(silicone/resin).

Again badass backpack!!


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Thanks all. Corey the sculpt is still intact, so remolding will only require some minor touch up work and a little reshaping from where I removed the silicone mold and pulled on a couple areas.. I used Monster Clay for the first time on this sclupt. It's not the easiest to work with, but overall I'm happy with it. Yes, as answered above, stone molding is simply plaster molding using Ultra-cal or similar. I'll post up a latex pull soon.


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Yeah Lee, I've had a couple requests for a P1 pack and it is on the agenda. I've got a couple suit builds I've kinda fallen behind on that I need to finish up before I jump into any more sculpt work, but a full new set of P1 armor is pretty much next on the list as soon as I'm caught up.


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Get that latex backpack done, im super excited to get it and finish off my pred. Will look awesome with it too :)
Kick ass sculpt anyways
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