New Red Book of Westmarch Video!

Indy Magnoli

Master Member
Two years ago I posted a fairly low resolution video of my Red Book of Westmarch prop replica on YouTube. Well... I've finally bought myself a decent video camera so decided to take a new video, showing almost every single page:

So, please "like", add a comment, spread the link around, and feel free to subscribe as I plan on adding more videos in the future. Enjoy!

Kind regards,
Holy ....., fantastic work...

Man, this video makes me want to have one... It looks awesome... This is awesome... I have already your isildur scroll, and I love it...

One day, I want to add the book to my collection... Love it...

This is the most spectacular video since the Matty ghsot trap video... :)
Sorry, I've never seen so much pages of the book, Im completely blown away of it...
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