NEW Question about DS Gun Specs (width?)


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I about to begin making my first DS Gun(movie version), but I am having a hard time verifying the length/height of the gun. I am using the same blueprints I see many others using but when I compare the width of the barrel versus the total length it seems off.

I end up with 10 3/8" long and 4 9/16" tall from tallest point on top to the bottom of the grip. It seems a bit shorter than what I thought it was. Where am I going wrong? I feel like I read somewhere it was more like 11" or 12" long.

The specs I made are in the attachment. If it's not working you can see it here.

I'm very excited to be making a new prop, especially since it is going to be a gift. :)

Thank you for reading this.


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Re: Question about DS Gun Specs

I think your off on the length by a couple of inches. Mine measures close to 13" tip to butt. And more than 5.5" tall. But it really depends on the individual parts and their dimensions.

Here are some examples of differences. I think I read somewhere that RACProps had disassembled an original screen used DS. Ahh, here is the link..



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Re: Question about DS Gun Specs

Way off.

For what it's worth most if not all blueprints are off.


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Re: Question about DS Gun Specs

Thank you I appreciate the responses. I'm going to fix the dimensions right now. The RAC props site is especially helpful. I had found a few pictures of the disassembled pieces but none of them had anything to base the size off before. Now I can see which sections weren't long/wide enough.


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New question about DS gun width.

Hello again.

I'm working on the width of the gun handle and grip now but RAC didn't have any images from the side.

Do any of you know how thick the flat metal plate below the middle of the barrel and the exterior width of the handle are? Also the width of the trigger, "holster hook", and the fin underneath the muzzle?

Since the barrel is roughly 3/4" I was thinking the flat sheet underneath would be a bit thinner then that. They look almost flush in the references, but the handle is harder for me to gauge since it is larger.

I know I'm asking for a lot of information but I hoping to make this very accurate. I'm still looking for a reference to measure off of though. If I find one I will update this thread.

On another note I am going to be making this out of pvc pipe and some leftover plexiglass...if it behaves. If not then I may have to find some styrene. I'd use a more realistic metal substance but I do have budget constraints.

My blueprint has been updated to be 13.25 x 5.5. This still might not be 100% accurate but I'm not done editing the design yet. updated image below.
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I'm headed to a local hobby shop to look for an on/off toggle switch in the right size and to also ask about the led set-up. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to circuitry but my boyfriend is coming along and he seems to understand it a bit more then I do at this point. I'm hoping to put 2 different color leds in it so that the position of the ignition toggle switch dictates which led is turned on.


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I've been wondering about dimensions, too. The Sandman gun was my first prop build when I wasn in grade school, and I built one 10 or 15 years ago, long before I could find any info on the net. Long before I was on the net, or whatever it was at the time.

The 2nd one I built was modifying the Shane Johnson (?) plans. Now, I was planning on using the working drawings that RACprops and other places have, but the math doesn't quite work out. I know it's not a machinist drawing, but it seems like a good basis. But when I enlarge the drawing so the slots in the flash cage are 3" long like the drawing says they should be, the OD on the barrel and flash cage are a little too big.

I'm hoping the pics with the rulers on Richard's site will lend a little clarity, and I'm wondering if using the original studio plan as a vague reference might be useful. I know there are some obvious differences, but there are dimensions, some of which may have not changed.

There's also a sort of plan that I found on the net that someone did. It doesn't have dimensions, and I have no idea where I found it. And unfortunately, half the file was corrupt when I found it. But it seemed like a very nice line drawing of the TV version of the DS gun. Anyone know where it came from?

Okay, now that I look at the studio drawing, it looks like it's too small, too. It looks like it was originally gonna be 11 3/8" long, which is definitely too short. Anyway, I've attached a couple of the pics for reference. I've also attached a pic of the TV gun. It's interesting how the side plates on the receiver have some how wound up not quite flush with the rest of the pistol grip frame. And another pic gives a little of an idea how far out the clip holder projected.

I'm getting kind of excited about building an LED and sound version. I was just at a con this weekend, and I think there were at least 3 Sandmen there. Only saw the gun on one of them, and it was pretty nice. I've run across some pics of the old Marco Sandman gun, and oddly, I think I want one of those, too. :wacko
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