New project... Kylo Ren TFA stunt saber UPDATE 5/4/2022!

Anakin Starkiller

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Did they sell out? Don't see them on the site.

Anakin Starkiller

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Not seeing them just yet no matter how obsessively I refresh :D


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This turned out really nice. It was hard to wait until after work to get started putting on wires and staples, but here it is. I’m grateful for Halliwax‘s video. It took a lot of the guesswork out of how to put it together. The screws aren’t the right kind and they were going to be temporary until I can get the right ones but because the resin is so brittle I think they are going to stay put. Good enough.
A word of warning to those who bought the kit. The resin is brittle. Especially around the side emitters. I sat it down, not very rough and as soon as it hit the table part of the emitter shattered. I was able to find the pieces and glue it back together. Just be more careful than I am.
Anyway, I love it. Thanks Anakin Starkiller. All of your hard work on this payed off.


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Looking forward to putting mine together soon. Saw the video from Halliwax. I think he mentioned several other stunt saber references. I've only seen the one from Celebration. Where can I view the other versions?


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Just picked mine up from the mailbox as well! Thank you Dan and Halliwax! Will work on it soon! As an added bonus, I am reading The Sandpaper (the newspaper the provided some of the packing). A fascinating article on a Virtual Public Hearing on Atlantic Striped Sea Bass! :)

Anakin Starkiller

Master Member
Got mine the other day, very cool hilt! I think I am going to add a bit of solder onto the staples once they are installed to make it look a little more like a cross between the hero and stunt versions. Awesome work!
If you want. I'll upload my cad models for the wire guides that are on the hero to shapeways. Then you can print them off, if you'd like

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