(New-Predator Concepts For New Armor Scupts And Predator Build...p5 ) Also Pics And Videos Of All My


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How do you get that pitted look? ( Like the way the armor looks) Is it plastidip? I love the texture of that, diggin those new bios too man.


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My Classic Predator Bio and custom Predator style wall mount designed and built by me.......Full scale bone fragments added
under the mount mount...Eventully all my bio helmets will be hung on these mount in my place.....
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Here is a neat photo of my standing Predator helmet mount.....Took a pic of it on my green screen
and added the Earth for a cool affect......
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Some of this years work.....Also AVP style Shoulder armor up for grabs....Full size and wearable.......Made of light weight solid fiberglass....

Also coming soon......Alien-Hunter shoulder armor with broken alien skull mounted to it, and My Predator Exile shoulder armor with a life
size broken human skull attached to it will also be availible to anyone who may want them....Ill have sketches of the armor soon...In W.I.N.

Link to my video of my work.


My favorite Predator creation the---EXILE-----this guy makes the Berserker look like a bitch...

haha i agree that mask is pretty sick
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