New Plasma Caster, Made From Toy Iron Man Shoulder Cannon


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A while ago I modded one of the Iron Man toy shoulder cannons into a plasma caster:

In that build, I cut off and replaced the entire front end of the cannon.

I just got another Iron Man cannon and decided to mod it differently this time, leaving the whole cannon intact and just adding on foamies and geeblies.

Here's the Iron Man cannon before modding:


Here I've added a plasma chamber made of a tube of foamie and two peanut butter jar lids:


Here is the caster with all the foamies and greeblies:


And some views of the finished caster painted but not yet weathered:




It's not my favorite of all the casters I have made, but it looks pretty good. :)
very cool and creative idea and the fact that its a mini gun plasma cannon makes it that much more awesome :D always wanted to see a multi shooting cannon :)
awesome job ! do u have a pic with something for refference as to the dimentions of it , ??? just wondering cause im about to do one too and dont want it to be too big or too small ... thanks.... awesome,.... edit:>>> sorry i did not noticed the link to where they sell it that has an original pic in it, wow very very kool, and it comes with the mount too . (y)
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