New Pirates of the C. Master Replicas for sale


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Originally posted by SITHcamaro@Mar 3 2006, 07:35 PM
On that ring, they were apparently looking at one of the current rings. Whoever put it together, looks like they put it in upside down.
Being that the original rings was one of Depp's personal ones, you'd think he'd have pointed it out to them. Looks pretty dumb to me though.
Either way, it's not like these are sized. So while you're going getting this re-sized, looks like you can get a new stone placed in it as well.
Or just mold it, and have it cast in silver...if you REALLY want to go overboard. ;)
I'd go with this guy who has a version at my local Ren Faire, then. His are only $10, have the right glass stone (or virtually any you want), and are high quality pewter as these are. Also, I don't really care about size for myself. I'd go for a Depp-sized ring (which will probably be a small size-maybe even a woman's 6 or seven).