NEW P1 MASK in the works!


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So, I haven't had much time to sling clay lately, but I finally got around to starting on the first of quite a few new projects. This one will be a P1 closed mouth. Just getting shape, size and symetry at this point, but I'm pretty much where I want to be and will likely start to really get it into shape over the next few days. This one will be a bit taller than my v.1 P1, and by "taller" I mean a little steeper crown slope. Also a bit wider in the eyes, as well as overall wider. I'm going for a much angrier (or perhaps more menacing) look with this one.

Updates to come, but here are the first shots:
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Good to see you slinging some clay again. I remember you telling me when i ordred my armor that you going to sculpt some new predator stuff. I can't wait to see this finished. I guess i will have to buy another predator head and add it to the collection.


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Don't start getting lazy on me, and start working !!!! We want updates !!

hehehe... Lazy... yeah, that's me.... lol
Updates?!?! LOL... Ok, some progress. I did a bit of reshaping after the previous photos and I'll do the same again now. On a side note, I highly recommend to any budding sculptors out there to photograph your work for symetry reference. You tend to notice things in photos that you don't see by looking directly at the sculpt... so, I still see a couple minor things I need to address before detail work starts. I now have the jowls added. He's obviously a bit beefier in the jowls than my first P1 and I was shooting for a more menacing look and I think I have it, though the detailing will add a bit too. It's also a bit steeper in the crown than my original P1 and a bit larger overall. So far, I'm thinking he's looking pretty pissed, though that may just be because he's being displayed by a board up his throat. Anyway, here ya' go:


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Hows the head coming Scott,liking the progress man.
Hey D,
Actually I've made quite a bit of progress since the last photos... I'll probably (hopefully) have it finished in the next two or three evenings. I'll try to get some fresh photos up tonight or tomorrow.


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Here are the most recent updates... the front is pretty much finished, so I just need to detail the back and figure out whether or not I want to sculpt the neck ring on. Once molded and cast, I'll resculpt the mandibles and teeth to fit properly after the latex shrinkage.


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