New Obi ROTS style saber the REDEEMER!

This is my latest and final incarnation of my Redeemer Saber *until I do a reveal version*

The neck has been downsized to .65, but maintains full durability for high speed full contact dueling. The saber takes a 1 inch thick walled dueling blades.

The activation box now contours to the hilt.

The saber now threads apart instead of set screws.

The pastor jedi activation card is new and improved.

The pommel section has been redesigned and is now part of the saber body.

I have replaced the rubber T grips with a machined aluminum gear, that is part of the saber body.

Here is a video that shows the saber in the white, and a finished one.

Redeemer Custom LED Saber, not mr fx hasbro obi wan kenobi clonewars lightsaber - YouTube

I am going to be selling the completed sabers for 200.00, and if smiths want an uncompleted saber in the white, to do their own installs and coating, it would be 100.00











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I have the Venom Elite Saber from saberforge and it is AWESOME.

I've had my eye on this one for a while...

Of course I might wait for the reveal version.

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