New Non-NC Harry Potter wands released?


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So I was looking at Hot Topics webpage ( I know it's embarrassing) and they just started selling wands for Harry, Hermione, and Dumbledore.
The interesting thing is they are priced at $24.95 so cheaper than Nobles or WWOHP. I don't see a manufacturer on the packaging, possibly NECA since they make some of the other Hot Topic Harry Potter items. I included the pics here...
To be honest they look like cheaper versions of the Noble Collection wands... There are just some details that aren't as well transfered. But who knows. Look purdy decent for the price!
The Wizarding World wands are all Noble, too. The "birthday wands" weren't branded Noble either (they may be now that Noble has every possible wand for sale).
If they actually carry them at the stores, I might swing by and have a look at the dumbledore wand and compare it to my noble collection one.
I had a look at the wands two weeks ago at the Hot Topic Stores, and the Dubledor Wand looks spot on to the NC wand I have. So i would have to say that yes, these are identical to the ones carried on the NC Website. Furthermore, they have the noble collection logo on the back. One question though, did the Harry wand always look cheap? the handle portion of the wand on the Hot Topic wand looks great, but the main shaft bit looks like it was painted in just one color. Is this the case with the NC Website Wands as well?
So i finally bought one of the Hot Topic Wands. As stated earlier, the handle looks superb but the main shaft looks cheap. Still, the wand overall was a good weight. almost as heavy as my Sirius Wand. Not a bad buy for 25. Ill probably pick up the hermione wand some time in the near future. Now if only they would sell Ron's at HT....
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