Hi All! I've been a very long time lurker, having looked at threads for previous builds. Hopefully looking to expand my repertoire and quality of my builds.

Some more info about me- I'm a UK based cosplayer, but I travel to some international cons as well. Been to DragonCon once, going again this year, and been to Germany Comic Con as well. My main Cons are MCM and LSCC in the UK.

My Costumes so far-
Bat Joker/Harley Bats (Batman in Joker colours and Batman with Harley Quinn Colours)
Megazord (Power Rangers)
Thor (Marvel)
Tyrael (Heroes of the Storm Version)


Hey all, I'm Alex from maryland. I was directed here by a friend as part of my search for some decent props. :)

I myself have no experience in making props, however I have a great deal of respect for those that are capable of doing so. My main interests are star wars, Marvel/DC comics, and various video games and anime. So a wide range of taste as far as props go. :)


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Hey everyone, Im Damian and I decided to sign up on this site after becoming interested in cosplay and prop design lately. I hope I can improve my costumes with the tools available to this community!


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I followed the link for the awesome Gremlins fan book and decided to stay. I work in the video game/film industry and am a passionate fan of ALIEN, JAWS and Gremlins. Will definitely stop by every now and then to see whats what. Later
thx LeePlay.


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Hi Everyone. Im from Chile, and i always been a big fan of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and almost everything. I really like the idea of making a good costume, but laziness is my worst enemy.

KC Shazam

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Hi, everyone. I'm glad to (finally) join this community. Been visiting for the last two years. (Whenever I have searched for tips for creating accessories over the years, the RPForum has appeared in the results.) I'm in Chicago...have been a fan of sci-fi and superheroes for decades...attended my first convention in spring 2014, was introduced to the world of cosplay and became a huge fan, and created my first cosplays in summer 2014. I only have 7 cosplays to date. (Creating #8 and #9 now.) So, I'm a beginner.

Today, I intentionally searched for RPF results, looking for help with a project. And, then, after reading some posts and wanting to congratulate some members on awesome jobs, I realized that I should join. (Note: a few months ago, when I told a cosplayer whom I know that I was struggling to create some items, he encouraged me to post in the RPF Facebook group. That group has been helpful beyond words.) Here are photos of 3 of my 7 cosplays:

IMG_0312 Storm Shadow cropped.jpg Cyclops cosplay StPatricksDay parade x C2E2 x WAC March2015.jpg Morpheus cosplay at Wizard World 2015.jpg


Hi everyone! I'm Nikki and I just moved to the SoCal area near Riverside from Okinawa, but I'm originally from Chicagoland. I've been cosplaying since high school and recently got back into it. I've been using the facebook group for advice on resins, but I still can't seem to get the hang of props. I need some help. :( Hopefully I can learn a lot during my time here!


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Hello everyone, my name is Jacob and I'm fairly new to cosplay and prop building. My fandom stretches far and wide including LOTR, Doctor Who, Star Wars/Trek, Indiana Jones, Uncharted and DC/MARVEL Comics. Back in May of this year, I went to Planet Comicon, an annual thing for myself my wife and kids, as Batman. This was very new to me, I have severe anxiety and had to overcome my fear but I had an overall great experience and received compliments from fans and vendors. I'm just looking to learn some new techniques and talk with people who have similar interests.


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Hello all;

I'm new here. I maybe had an account more than a decade ago but I don't really remember. My main fandom is Predator. All things Predator. Is there anything other than Predator? Well, I suppose I do like Star Trek and a few other things Sci Fi & Fantasy!

I have recently begun the daunting task of (mostly self learning with some help from invaluable sources) learning to sculpt, mold, and cast resins & latex and Predator dreads <-- a fiasco unto itself, and airbrush. I'm greatly enjoying delving into all of this, and hope to learn, and maybe find some skills I didn't know I had. :)


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Hi all!

Been casually cosplaying for a while, but decided to join up here to advance my skills and work on building more costumes, i.e. foam; pep etc.

Hope to post progress eventually.



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Hi all,
I am Mike Porter and I found you through Pinterest of all places. I am a 20 year vet of game development and have 7 years of teaching those skills. I am starting my own school which I hope to have introductory costuming, prop building, as well as VFX, special effects make-up and of course game development. I am a native Texan, who has moved to New Zealand and I have been able to work with and teach some of the people who have gone on to work at Weta Digital and Workshop.

I wanted to join the community to increase my skillset by following the awesome people located here.

Thanks for having me here!


Hi I'm Morac,

this is my first foray into the prop and costume world on the internet. I found the RPF thought all the video's that the guys from Tested put up where they just seem to sing the praises of the RPF. And I hope this will be the start of a epic adventure in prop and costume creation. I have created costumes before, the one I'm most proud of is my Stargate SG-1 green BDU pants and jacket. But as I'm about to embark on a much larger project I thought it would be a good idea to join this community for the support and advice it could offer.

For any of you Star Trek: Voyager fans out there I'm about to start putting together a Satan's Robot costume, featured in the Captain Proton episodes. As this will be my first from scratch build I thought it best to go with something simple with strait forward forms. If anyone has any advice I would be more than happy to hear it.

thanks so much. It's great to be here.



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Hi everyone, I'm Milena!
I found you while searching the internet for references to my spidey suit! My main fandom is the MCU. I started papercrafting a year and a half ago and recently began cosplaying and building my very first Spiderman Suit.. I quickly came to realise that once you started, you can't stop! Beause 3 D printing unfortunately is still very expensive I tend to spend hours in DIY shops to find the right materials to work with. I'm looking very much forward to exchange experience and ideas with you guys!

Thanks for having me!

Cheers! Milena
IMG_9794.JPG IMG_9411.JPG IMG_9179.JPG


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Hi all!
My name is Ralph, i'm from Manteca, California, I am a big fan of prop making, ever since i was a kid. I started with getting real interested in making props since Star Wars came out... I would make my parents help me make costumes from the movies all the time. My Dad showed me power tools real early and how to use wood as the base for a lot of my props. Then in jr high I learned how to weld and along came my first Freddy Krueger glove. That was something that I was very proud of. Then from time to time I would make props for Halloween and so on. Then when I finally had kids the fun really began. Props and costumes sense their first halloween. So I just saying that im proud to be part of this community. I'll be talking to you!


Hello Everyone, I am just a newbie who always wanted to be able to build replicas and movie things but never found the time, I am a mech engineer with knowledge in Mechanics, thermodynamics, fluids, electrics, and electronics so I am here hopefully to learn and contribute with the little I know about building things and making things work


Hello Everyone, I am just a newbie who always wanted to be able to build replicas and movie things but never found the time, I am a mech engineer with knowledge in Mechanics, thermodynamics, fluids, electrics, and electronics so I am here hopefully to learn and contribute with the little I know about building things and making things work

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