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    I'm going to post something I posted on my facebook and hopefully you guys will be able to help me. I own a comic shop but I'm fairly new at it, and a woman came in looking to cosplay and it was frankly pretty adorable. She was pretty skittish and from what she said not very computer savvy so I didn't want to be an * like "google it", she looked like she was ready to bolt out the door at any moment like "you're gonna laugh at me" and I'm like NOOOOOOO I SWEAR I WON'T. By the end of it she was like flexing at me and stuff all "I can do this <3". Can anyone help/talk to this woman and point her in the right direction? She wants to do Winter Soldier. I apologize if I'm asking wrong questions in the wrong places, but I have gotsta help this woman make this happen.

    TLDR: Older woman wants to cosplay as winter soldier (movie version, I asked). I really want to help her do it. I can tell she had no idea where to start, and that's not something I really deal with. HALP?

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    Facebook post: Holy ****, y'all. I've got a call to action. I know next to nothing about this, but I just had an older woman come in and tell me she is somewhat internet/computer illiterate and that it's her dream to cosplay as the Winter Soldier at comicon someday. She was at first extremely shy but was by the end of our conversation like "I've been hitting the gym for this" and flexing at me. I REALLLLLLY want to help this woman out, I can't imagine the ovaries it must have taken to come in and ask me about that. Help me help her, what resources can I point her to? Are there any local groups for her to find her peeps? Any advice appreciated.
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    there are a handful of winter soldier builds on this board already. If you have the time you could sift through a few of them and come up with a set of instructions/tips for her. It would be helpful to know what kind of skills she has too in terms of crafting/sewing etc.

    also how authentic does she want to be and on what kind of budget?
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    I don't know, but I will find out. Also I will take a look through those threads you mentioned, thanks! I'm starting to suspect I'm just gonna need to get her internet literate.
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    you sure she's not hitting on u ;)

    Best bet is to see what actual skills/crafting she has and how much time and money she is willing to spend. I think the most "expensive" would be the facemask stealth thingamajiger and the silver arm
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