New man need some help!


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Hi guys
I need some help I have downloaded the pepakura file designed by Blimmer for the batarang I understand that you print these out then make the paper 3d model but what I don't understand is how you turn that into a hard copy so to say i.e resin or fibreglass
If anyone could let me know that would be great and very much appreciated thanks
Look up pepakura costume building on youtube. You can do it. I just finished my first pep build which is a Captain America helmet. It's not without it's flaws, but at least I know where I went wrong and how to improve on my next project. Maybe I'll even go back and fix this one up after Halloween.
WOW! I'm glad this was posted. fascinating stuff.but I was watching the one video were the guy was mixing rondo.It ended before he finished and didn't pick up from there.very interested in rondo.have never mixed it before...
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