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    "Welcome, Mr. Bond."
    James Bond Lifestyle provides a stylish and clear online guide to products related to the world of the most suave secret agent, Bond... James Bond.

    From the gadgets he uses, the clothes he wears, the cars he drives to the locations he travels and the casinos he gambles in. This website is being updated daily and will offer more and more products and information, so be sure to check in regularly.

    NEW: Add a review or comment to a product.
    Do you own an Omega Seamaster and want to express how much you like it?
    Did you travel to Goldeneye Island and you want to share your adventures?
    You owned a white Lotus Esprit, but the alarmsystem blew it up?
    Share your thoughts, ask for advice, with the new 'write a review' option on every product page.

    And don't forget to subscribe to the free James Bond Lifestyle electronic newsletters.

    + Stay up to date with the latest news about James Bond and the upcoming movie Casino Royale
    + Be the first to hear about new Bond products and special events
    + Take advantage: clues about upcoming contests, special offers and tips on how and where to buy your Bond merchandise.

    Sign up here - it only takes a minute.

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    Great site thanks.

    I signed up for the newsletters :)

    Hey do you know who's doing the intro song for Casino Royale?
  3. The Mantis

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    I had heard it was Tina Turner

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