New Indiana Jones Items from Disney - Sankara Stone, Crystal Skull, Holy Grail, Idol

Indy Magnoli

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I like how they managed to get every single piece inaccurate. That takes a special level of dedication.
the naked gun facepalm GIF


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Crystal Skull 1.png

Crystal Skull 2.png

Crystal Skull 3.png

Just posting some pics and info from shopdisney below. If you ordered one can you let us know what you think of it when you get it in hand thanks.

The titular Crystal Skull featured in the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones saga is replicated here in great detail. Believed to be from an alien life form with psychic powers, the elongated skull is intricately recreated in resin and includes eye sockets that light up! It's perfect for treasure hunters seeking collectible artifacts.
Magic in the details

  • Highly detailed resin Crystal Skull replica
  • Eye sockets light up
  • On/Off switch on underside
  • Inspired by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The bare necessities
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries, included
  • Resin
  • Approx. 6 1/4'' H x 5 1/3'' W x 13 1/6'' L
  • Imported

Item No. 465051889828


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So $250 for the crystal skull, got it and the total came to around $300 shipping and taxes. Dimensions I saw quickly were 13" long x 6?? x ??. I hope I can still return it if the results of the recent Crystal skull build on here are fair better and more worth it. But Was not expecting that final price.... :notworthy:


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Anyone know the dimensions of the real skull?

That big white base on the bottom sure is an eyesore, could have been done a little cleaner i'd think.


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With the possible exception of the grail and the idol, these are way overpriced. $80 for a light-up plastic sankara stone? $250 for a plastic skull? No thanks.


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Lets hope Indy doesn't hand off his legacy to some lame ass assistant at the end of the new movie . Oh, it's 2022 I forgot , likely then !


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The sankara stone is the only thing I'm considering. I prefer my DMP idol, the paintjob on the grail is atrocious, and the skull seems really undersized.


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Well one could get the Sankara stone mold it and return it. Cast it the right way to be more accurate. We are members of TheRPF forum, we can make it better! We have the technology! And I'm sure disney has a reasonable return policy. Im actually counting on that return policy. Now looking at the skull closer, they couldn't add the damn skull structures? :mad::(:eek:


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Folks, if you do order any of these props and live in the US, use the code SHIPMAGIC at checkout for free shipping. Otherwise it gets pretty pricey.


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Wow. I don't expect pinpoint screen accuracy from licensed products but that's just awful.


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Also looking at the descriptions of the items, Only two of them, The Idol and Grail are "Authentic collectible replica of relic Indiana Jones discovered during his adventures". Where as the Sankara Stone and Skull are "Highly Detailed Resin replicas"

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