New images of Iron Man mk VII

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by King Ranger, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. King Ranger

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  2. mrcome

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    yes !!
  3. dualedge

    dualedge Sr Member

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    First I've seen it.

    I find it a bit surprising that they're going back to the round arc reactor (though I like it better than the triangular design.) Wonder if there's a particular reason for it.

    Also don't care for the silver on the upper thighs. It's nitpicky, I know.
  4. MrBibou

    MrBibou Active Member

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    I actually like the new design, with some War machine parts.
    I still prefer the Mark IV, i don't know if it's me but i really don't dig the grey parts..

    Why do they need to put grey again -,-
    The round RT return is a good news though, looks nicer imo :)
  5. davy

    davy Well-Known Member

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    holy s*** this suit looks realy brutal i love it !! a mix from mk3 and warmachine
  6. Kevin Gossett

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    I wonder if the pose indicates a unibeam blast in the film?
  7. third3ye

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    It's definitely starting to grow on me. When I first saw the raw statue I thought the MkIV and VI were the best designs, and I still do, but the MkVII is definitely catching up quickly. My biggest complaints are like everyone else's - the metallic silver on the thighs. Someone said the rumor is that this suit was designed for space flight, so perhaps the design team added those thigh components and the very obvious booster-looking components on the back reach over the shoulders. As for compliments - I LOVE the new back and I like the new chest piece, the designers were able to add more complexity w/o ruining the overall design.

    From a pure design standpoint, it's not my fave, but I'm quite sure that when the movie hits and this suit shows its capabilities and how those silver components work into that, this will be THE badass armor to own out of Tony's collection.
  8. NexusFX

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    good stuff, i totally agree with dualedge about the circle reactor and the silver, but i like the more sleek curves to the calves and thighs. although the mk vi is still my favorite this suit is a beauty.
  9. Jodo

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    Oh thank God! They went back to the circle arc reactor! :D
  10. Celtic007

    Celtic007 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Pretty much thought the exact same thing. The silver just looks out of place, and I do like the round reactor more.
  11. Finhead

    Finhead Sr Member

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    Still not my fav a little better than the 6 and I am so glad they went back to the round unibeam. Still like the Mark3 best though. :)
  12. nick daring

    nick daring Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Glad to see the circular chest symbol.

    Put this together for comparison-

    I prefer the rounder shoulder pads. The flat tops make him look like a football player.


    The tall "Traps" armor looks awkward and "stuck-on" in my opinion. Not integrated into the over design.




  13. third3ye

    third3ye Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    On the topic of the shoulders, I actually think the look is a bit Gundam-ish, especially when you factor in the silver and red pods that go on the lats extending to the upper back. Again, still a bit iffy on this design but a cool evolution of the Mk3, just not the best one out there.
  14. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Active Member

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    Thanks for putting that together, Nick. It's good to see that the designers decided to give Tony some quads, again. I couldn't stand that skinny look. I'm not completely sold on the silver, but it's not killing me. I really dig how they raised the ab plates and made them go higher up the torso; gives it a bit of a reptilian look. I've very glad the triangle is gone...
  15. coofunkcurly

    coofunkcurly Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I feel like they're trying too hard. :unsure
  16. Mechinyun

    Mechinyun Sr Member

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    Agreed on both!
  17. Venjix

    Venjix Well-Known Member

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    Glad they went back to the round unibeam but don't care too much for the silver thighs. Koto usually makes their figurines and statues a tiny bit on the skinny side though. Can't wait to see it on screen
  18. EyeofSauron

    EyeofSauron Master Member

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    nope not for me, i cant even tell why i dont like it tho

    maybe it will grow on me, but so far, i like every previous version better than this
  19. quovadis0920

    quovadis0920 Sr Member

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    Oh yeah!:thumbsup
  20. Spade

    Spade New Member

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    I can't wait for the movie =]
  21. Ribann

    Ribann New Member

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  22. clancampbell

    clancampbell Sr Member

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    I like it! The round reactor is great, always hated the triangle one.

  23. endo500

    endo500 Active Member

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    well i will be the lone wolf to say i liked the Triangle armor. It had been a circle for decades and a was a nice change. Plus it was actually that way in the comics so I thought it was cool that the movie gave a nod to people who actually read the iron man comics.

    I like bulkiness of the new armor. As if it is his heavy armor. I'm glad they are taking risks / changing his armor so it doesn't get stale. Again another throw back to the hall of armor days when Tony had a different suit for each situation.
  24. third3ye

    third3ye Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I noticed on the drawn pics floating around the web that Nick was gracious enough to consolidate and post on here that the silver parts on the statue have a more grayish tone in those images, and looks an even darker gray in the live shot of RDJ on the Empire cover (though that shot is probably part CG).

    If they make this similar to the War Machine gray in the Avengers movie, I actually think that will improve the armor's look significantly.
  25. TK9120

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    Not crazy about this one. The silver on the thighs, shoulders and the abs look way too long. It will grow on me as did the original suit.
  26. IFA

    IFA Sr Member

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    To me, the chest is wayyyy tooo big !!! Look at the pic from the right side...too big, don't like this :thumbsdown
  27. jonmelton

    jonmelton New Member

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    I think it looks great! Can't wait to build it.

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