New Hunter Head Sculpts...12/16 ANY Updates?


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Well If anyone objects to post of their work here please let me know and i'll make the changes.
I'm trying to get my web space ready for the slew of images people have been sending me. We'll get to all of the pieces I promise

New sculpts!!!!!!

Here they are all awesome!!!
Crazy Clayer

a cat named jbcaravita


Howard www.

there are a few more but this has been wha'ts been going on in the past few weeks
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Well, holy shiznit...look at that!

This hobby is finally coming around!

I had no idea that Peter had started a new Pred sculpt! Look at that thing!

Maybe this time he'll actually get around to producing them!

Damn, the prop community is finally catching the Pred bug! Bout' time!


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They all are really great you can really see the awesome level of detail everyone is putting into their pieces.
it is about time, everyone caught up but it's cool. we are here to educate and bring it to the masses


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hey..Ive been makin theses preds for 8 years, just seems to get more fun and Ideas as time passes.

Ive always produced theses!

Im workin on some new preds for a short film..also being Produced by me, directed,etc.. when your an independant film, you have to be everything!

The storyboads call for 15-20 predators and 4-8 aliens, 120 alien minature eggs for a mini set, 2 new facehugger designs..and one contained in a bio-sil cone for the predator costume,and lots more.
I only have 5 people on the crew so far,

-The camera guys -prioraty productions-stevensville ontario
-the fx guy- me
-the director me and steve
-Lighting and angles etc. bruce and amy- good freinds of mine
-set designer- john

Have been panning this for a year and a half, for the.....

maby i should start this in another thread?


Halo Predator

The Pred craze has definately taken momentum! D@mm! I swear the amount of talent you guys have is amazing!

Stay safe.



I really would like to see some more Pred2 sculpts, though.

I know the P1 is most people's favorite, but the P2 head in the film was really much more elaborate and detailed, with more closeups and screen time. He just looked more vicious.

Mander's got a pretty good P2 sculpt going there, but I'd still love to see someone really try to nail down a completely screen accurate version as nice as Wang's display bust...
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Although I have I have a certain love for Petes custom Pred , I also love the look of Crazy Clayers closed mouth version. Thats a look we don't see to often and man, does that look sharp!


what clay do you use because here in belgium were a little f*ck*ed on that case. the only thing that i find good enough is magic sculpt but it's not cheap.
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