New here

Hi i'm new here. Like everyone here I'm a scifi and comic fan. Can you give me some tips to navigating this website so I don't step on any toes? thanks Bryan


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Welcome to the site!

I'd check out the FAQ - which will answer many of your questions.

One important pointer is to post in the proper places (again the FAQ can assist you in figuring that out). If it's a costume, this thread is perfect. If you're looking to buy or sell something that's exclusively for the Junkyard... etc.

If you have any specific questions about the forum or a post feel free to drop one of the admins a PM - they are very helpful!


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Remember that you can't sell in the junkyard until you've upgraded to a full member (20+ posts and 45 days). I mention because I was waiting anxiously to be upgraded when I first joined.

Welcome to the RPF :) you'll enjoy it here