New guy w/ another Captain America Mask


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Here is my final result, but what follows is how I got there...


Hey, just wanted to show you guys a First Avenger mask I've been working on. I was inspired by a few of you on here and undertook the project myself. I have a large head (23 1/2") around and I could not find a styrofoam head to build my base on, so I had to cast my head in plaster, fill the plaster cast with spray foam, unwrap the plaster from the foam then fiberglass from there. This is what I have so far.





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Thanks for the compliment, I'll keep posting updated photos until I finish. I'm very happy with it so far. I added a bit of a textured finish which I'll knock down a bit for the final coat. It is a bit dark and I would like to find a bit more of a "grayed" blue. Also I think the helmet looked like it was hardened leather type and I tried to replicate it making the seam look like folded material. Let me know what you guys think. Does anyone have a good source for a good FA helmet color?







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So this is the unweathered cowl so far. I knocked down the texture to give it a uniform leather-like look. I gray primered under the white so I plan to wet sand the white to allow more of the gray to show through and thin out the sharpness of the white. Now to start on the leather work.



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I think I posted this under the wrong topic. If a moderator checks this could they move it to the Replica Costumes board please? Sorry, new guy screw up...


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Thanks for the comments guys. I picked up the leather for an interior skull cap and will start sewing tomorrow. I thought I would make it removable with some snaps, but my head tolerances are pretty tight and didn't want any pressure points. I ended up using Ace Hardware Textured Spray then a gray primer w/ a coat of Gloss Ace Hardware Royal Blue then covering the whole thing with a Rustoleum Satin Finish.


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I've been getting a few PMs about if I'm going to sell this and even though I do appreciate the offers, I don't have a way yet to pop this out with any consistancy and as of right now my cost for my "prototype" would be unrealistic. I am trying to make patters and tools to ease the process and I'll respond to those who wrote me when I do. Thanks guys!


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So here is where I am with the liner. I wanted a kind-of stand alone liner reminiscent of what I thought would be like an old WWII tanker's leather liner. Here is what I made:



If I put the liner on first it makes it easier to put the shell on. It's pretty snug on my head. And the two together:


I want to change the chin cup. Didn't like the way it came out and I want to find a real metal side release buckle for the chin strap. Going to add the metal "pin-head" looking things to the ear cups and we should be about there.


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So, I've made some upgrades, like an aluminum side release buckle and have even done a mold and popped out some casts. Let me know what you guys think. I'm still trying to come up with a "chin cup" to better mine, but it's coming along...




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Looking pretty good. Should know though that the leather was never a liner but just an edging glued around the parameter, eyes and the ear pieces.
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