New GOW Locust build for Dragoncon


Hey guys i have not posted a new thread in a while but thought i would share the progress on my new locust build. This one is based on the Savage Marauder. I hand made the muscle suit with upholstery foam then skinned it with spandex and latex. I used more upholstery foam cut up to make the scales. All of the armor is made from eva foam and detailed with texturing using a iron and aluminum foil as well as using a heat gun to super heat the aluminum foil and make larger pits. i will have 5 inch platform suits so i will be about 6'2 or so when im done.

Here is a front a back view of the body so far as well as the early hood and the belt
1901385_948172715204381_3895165010067259009_n.jpg 11223914_948172378537748_8981849081009199736_n.jpg
Here is the shoulder painted up and detailed
Here are the boots you can see the size of the lift at this point
IMG_20150313_192529.jpg IMG_20150328_111226.jpg
This is the horn that goes on the chest

I will upload more pics of the build its self later today


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Amazing attention to detail. I've always wanted to do a suit like this when I have the skills. I'll definitely be following this build.


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It gives me the sads to know you worked so hard on some parts that people will never see. The effort on parts of the muscle suit and skin detail on the shoulders. :( Looks so good, though.


thanks. I plan on doing a spoof of the Old Spice guy in the suit one night for dragon con. That way all the muscles are seen and i will just wear the boots and mask and hood with a large white towel maybe dirty and covered in some green stuff


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What did you skin the muscle suit with? Seems pretty thin (and perfect in this application in relation to the striations and separation of muscle groups.)

Excellent work!


Nevermind... I was so distracted by the pictures, I missed your first paragraph.. Apologies.


Last test fitting before the finial paint on everything and the body and just need to finish the thighs. The knees will be a cheat. I will make those separate after after im in the suit we will put them on and wrap them loosely with some badge wrap just to make it look like the knees are there. I have the emblem for the back square 3d printed just need to clean it up and attach it. I will also be putting in the lights or maybe finding some way to at least fake the lights.
10344772_976248559063463_5194983091088543387_n.jpg 11698408_976248485730137_1206570375378430813_n.jpg best.jpg


Ok guys i know i have posted some of these photos but here is a large amount of photos of the body suit build as it went along.
0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 10.JPG 8.JPG
9.JPG 11.JPG 13.JPG 14.JPG 12.JPG 15.JPG
16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg
21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg


Also here is a movement test for the muscle suit before it was painted and with out the spine in palce
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