New Ecto 1 for the next movie

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by tripoli, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. tripoli

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    With each prop I see the more disappointed I get.


    The props look like they are from a low budget fan film.
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  2. billy baloney

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    You're absolutely right!, This is so sad, this was a bad idea from the word go, the original is a classic and doesn't need a reboot, I can't believe the people making this movie think this Is cool, they're going to have to "call" themselves because this new movie is going to be D.O.A.
    I won't be wasting my money to see it!
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  3. xl97

    xl97 Sr Member

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    oh man...

    (thumbs down)
  4. Ruddigger

    Ruddigger Sr Member

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    The only cool thing is the hood ornament. Is that a pool ladder on the side?
  5. jasonw2112

    jasonw2112 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    No, no, no, .....Please tell me this is a joke!

    That has no....look of the technology, of catching a ghost! I don't know how to explain it! It's just not right!

    Why would they put trim, over the ghost logo? If anything, the trim would have already been on the car in

    the first place!
  6. billy baloney

    billy baloney Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I love the enormous offset yellow beacon....NOT!
  7. Sundowner

    Sundowner Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Nice try, maybe for a fan-film. This movie is a ship sinking more with every photo released
  8. Jintosh

    Jintosh Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Just makes me more impressed with the original. They got everything right on the first try.
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  9. gregday

    gregday Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Is that a hearse? Wasn't the original actually an old fashioned ambulance?
  10. jarroth

    jarroth Well-Known Member

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    the original movies i find so awefull they are actualy quite good and enjoyable to watch.

    what i see from the new movie it looks to me it will be just bad, realy bad. waste of time and money
  11. Stormie

    Stormie Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, but ambulances use to be hearses.
  12. LTsmash1200

    LTsmash1200 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The thing about the stuff from the originals is that they made you go, "whoa! What is THAT?!" All of this stuff makes you go, "eww, what IS that?" What really bums me out about the whole thing is that they had the opportunity to show us something new and awesome. They could have shown us what the world is like now that Ghostbusters have been around for 30 years. Do we still need them, or have ghosts been pretty much eradicated? Do they have them in every city now like we do firefighters. How much has the technology they used advanced? Have ghosts wizened up and become more difficult to catch? Instead, they are giving us a total (unnecessary) reboot and showing us the exact same stuff we already know but with a crappy cast.

    And I have no problem with an all female Ghostbusters troop. If they wanted to do a movie where for instance Ray is the only one left, he decides to retire and leave the company to his daughter, and she hires a couple of her friends who she works with at her college, I could get behind it as long as the women the cast were actually good actresses and the writer/director was somebody better than Paul Feig. There are tons of women who I find infinitely funnier than the people in this movie.
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  13. halliwax

    halliwax Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  14. Jedioz

    Jedioz Active Member

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    This is my one and only comment about this movie "GIANT STINKING T#@D" end quote
  15. Jintosh

    Jintosh Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    :facepalm And yet, I will be there to see it. Even if it's a train's still a movie about a subject that I like.
  16. tripoli

    tripoli Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    As much as I like Ghostbusters, this screams "terrible reboot". I think I may wait for the rental to see it or the two dollar theater special.
  17. TazMan2000

    TazMan2000 Sr Member

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    Even worse than the proton pack.

  18. havoc92

    havoc92 New Member

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  19. GaryArm

    GaryArm Member

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    is this film just another example of how much contempt some film makers have for the intelligence of the paying public, that we will gratefully take any crap they throw at us?
    Regardless of how small the budget is, it show a server lack of imagination to create such a prop.
    Now I have worked on some low bud show, but I would be embarrassed to have my name on a props like this.
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  20. jlee562

    jlee562 Sr Member

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    Don't love it, don't hate it.

    Don't understand the visceral reaction. It just doesn't move me much either way. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. JJTrek had the same problem with the phasers and the Enterprise.
  21. Bloo

    Bloo New Member

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    I'm kind of amazed that they used the original logo... you would think they wouldn't be able to resist rebooting that piece of iconic art as well! Hollywood can never leave well enough alone.
  22. Benign Robot

    Benign Robot New Member

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    "Shave the molding, boss?"

    Paul Feig: "Hell no! It's gotta be on there so it can cut straight through the logo!"
  23. Blue Leader

    Blue Leader Well-Known Member

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    I'm really not digging the new Ecto-1, either. It could be neat but it's just not there yet. And I'm not fond of the hearse... It just doesn't suit it, and it's too cliche. Maybe if there was more tech and gadgets on it it would look a little bit better...

    The Ecto-2 motorcycles are at least kind of neat. The proton pack... eh. It looks a bit too steampunk-y. I also don't like their HQ... It looks like they're using an old Chinese restaurant as their HQ... Really? Why?

    I'm hoping that this film will be decent but so far I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm also hoping that they at least have the original cast in it a little bit, like maybe the new characters are the children of the original cast, or something...
  24. Darksyde13

    Darksyde13 Active Member

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    It really is the bit yellow light in the front. Makes it look cartoony and silly. I can kinda let the rest go as it falls in line with the pack asthetics of being made on only 2 mortgages ins tead of 3. ;) but that light ..... man.
  25. logan74k

    logan74k Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Maybe they're trying a more 'gritty, realistic' take, where the pack is built from what would actually be available, and the car could conceivably have come from a used car lot in 2015 without many many thousands in rehab.

    That's the only defense I can come up with, The folded metal box look does nothing for me. At least the original had curves and style.
  26. Gimpdiggity

    Gimpdiggity Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I'm with the group that says every picture released brings my hopes down.

    I I was willing to give the director a chance. His choice of all females wasn't my favorite movie making decision ever, but I was willing to give that a shot.

    But it the more stuff that gets released, the more I just don't want any of this to happen.
  27. AZSneed

    AZSneed Sr Member

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    Seeing the photo of the rebooted Ecto 1 has got me really excited to watch the original, one and only, again!

    I would rather get mega slimed and shoved through the small opening for the traps of the Containment Unit, than to watch this remake/reboot/re-imagined movie.
  28. glitch451

    glitch451 New Member

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    So far I must say for me this has defines "going downhill".

    With the announcement that they were going to remake it, I though "Fair enough, I loved the Star Trek reboot" and although I liked it, the original never held a special sacred status as it does for many others.

    Then when it was to be an all female crew I was skeptically excited thinking how much fun it could be, all while fearing what I presumed to be the inevitable revealing catsuits, impractical/impossible hair, heels, and the typical passive female helplessness which is so pervasive.

    At what point the uniforms were released and I felt my fears were unfounded and I could possibly like this more than the original.

    The pack, well, it looked a bit steampunk, but so long as they weren't flying about a modern cityscape with an airship, well, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, but it didn't excite me. Like food where you aren't hungry, yet have no memory of what you ate.

    But the car.

    Travesty is perhaps a most fitting word. It's like the designers turned to plain oatmeal for their inspiration, laced with just enough LSD to explain the yellow light.
  29. joberg

    joberg Master Member

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    I don't know...maybe it's on purpose. Let's see: first film, guys are chasing ghosts. They want a cool ride and got the old Caddy Ecto-1, as well as those cool packs.
    Right, so now we have the girls taking on chasing ghost and they have to pimp that Caddy (hence the reddish roof) and a big yellow light on top, as well as another kind of pack (maybe cobbled together at the last moment). But it's tongue- in- cheek type of film from the get go. So let's not be too critical of those bits and pieces until we see them "in situ";)
  30. timelordjedi777

    timelordjedi777 Well-Known Member

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    Don't like it.
  31. havoc92

    havoc92 New Member

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    I'm sick to death of 'reboots' personally. I could go off on a long rant on this subject; but, I think ultimately the answer to this sort of thing is crowdsourcing like we end
    up seeing in the case of Veronica Mars, Star Trek Continues, Nuka Break, etc. I think when the producers are responsible to the audience rather than to a rich investor
    who has 'other designs' for the story being told, You'll put an end to this type of nonsense. So long as we put up with what Hollywood dishes out, we'll be limited to the
    menu they offer.. whether what's on the plate bears any resemblance to the menu or not.
  32. Abelugo

    Abelugo Sr Member

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    If you take the years into consideration. The original Etco 1 was a '59 Caddy, in the 80's it was almost 30 years old, this newer Caddy is just about an 1986/87 vs today it also just about 30 years old. To the mainstream 18-25, this is vintage car. Albeit it shows all our age whom are complaining about the model, its still a custom bodied Cadillac, be happy its not a Hybrid or Electric Prius! In fact it is just about one of the last actual big bodied Caddy's, an early nineties Brougham one would be a bit rounder like the '59, which would work also.

    Im sure this car gets destroyed during the movie and they get upgrade to an electric or something spooktacular! Or green friendly.
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  33. brandomack

    brandomack Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I did not enjoy bridesmaids, I will not be going to see this film. Ghostbusters is dead to me now.
  34. EmmaInCandyland

    EmmaInCandyland Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  35. TomVDJ


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    I did like the proton pack, but the Ecto-1 is terrible. Even amateurs do a better job:

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  36. PeterLC


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    Yeah but fair enough criticism of the shiny chrome phasers. They are just wrong.

  37. triumphfx

    triumphfx Active Member

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    I'm sure this is only the first ECTO they start with when the company is struggling with no money. (remember how broke they were?). Don't be surprised later in the film when they have more success, a 'newer' and better ECTO is revealed.
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  38. frizzen

    frizzen New Member

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    I don't love the new Ecto 1. But at least it only needs: suspension work, shocks, brake disks, brake pads, brake linings, steering box, transmission, Rear end, new rings, muffler, and some wiring... Got it for a steal!

    The big stupid yellow gumball light is probably a new city regulation, about them not being the right type emergency vehicle for running blues. The EPA ruined stuff in the first, why wouldn't more government be ruining even more now? It was ok until dickless here shut down the grid...
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  39. Jintosh

    Jintosh Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    At least here in California, you can't even have anything that LOOKS like red and blue lights. I've heard someone with red and blue transparent bug deflectors on the front of their hood were told to remove them.

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