New droid phone commercial

Wes R

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Anyone see the two new ones with the woman fighting the robots? How is it that phone commercials look so much better than the CGI in movies? Almost all the Droid commercials starting with the one launching the line have really good CGI and even basic story elements for a 1 minute commercial.


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I know! The first time I saw this comercial, I was more amped to see this 'movie' than almost anything that's come out in the last 5 years... But, no... It's a phone commercial.

Whomp whomp...

Wes R

Legendary Member
That happens with all of them. They need to work for hollywood. I thought the original droid commercial was a sequel to Stealth or something the planes looked so good.


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Verizon has had some pretty cool phone commercials over the last year, honestly. Too bad I haven't heard an overwhelming amount of great reviews on the Bionic phone
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