New diecast spinner car from Comet Miniatures

spinner 44

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After 5 months of delaying the release date,Comet Minuiatures is finally producing a 1/24 sacle diecast spinner from Blade Runner.




I was very excited 8 months ago when I heard they were going to produce a high end replica of the spinner car, not licensed though. Besides the high price tag (nt that I would really mind) it has some unaccuracies, and and that price one would expect but the best possible. From the look of it I can tell they took the TVC-15 1/16 model as main reference, as it shares the same unnnacuracies (front wheel covers and pods too big, back of the car too flat). The door police decals are oversized (and so the small lettering on back part) and the color is not really accurate, the blue is too strong and the interior should be light blue, not gray.

From my point of vue it's a real shame that they lost the opportunity to make a better replica.

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