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    Heres some of the first glimpses of the latest Cybermen in action on screen from the new series of Dr Who... There are apparently 10 costumes in use in the series and a few modified versions including the Cyber-Controller with a clear skull area exposing the oversized brain.

    What do you think?

  2. ob1al

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    I love the new look - very good. :thumbsup
  3. Darth Domain

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    They look quite threatening and evil, just as good as the Daleks for pure nastiness
  4. Star Wars Helmets

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    I think they are superb - cant wait.


  5. DarthBish

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    Cybermen, Sarah Jane, K9.........I seriously can't WAIT for his season to start.

    Alllllllthough, they do seem to have been influenced by Robocop, don't y'all think??
  6. gonk27

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    I have to admit I was a little undecided about the new look at first, but they've grown on me quite a lot.

    The Cybermen changed quite a lot during the old Who anyway so there's no reason why they should still look the same.. so yeah, a ' :thumbsup ' from me.

  7. phase pistol

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    Ooo. Spoilerific. :D

    I like 'em. A bit more "armored" than the earlier suits. Which frankly looked a bit vulnerable to me. :lol

    "Here, I'll put all the most sensitive bits of my life-supporting suit on the OUTSIDE, so you can damage them easily and kill me if you like..." :rolleyes

    - k
  8. DarthBish

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    yeah....... or by scratching you with this Gold badge I won for being reeeeeeally good at maths.

    Makes you wonder how they awarded the bravest Cybermen after a battle.
    Cetainly NOT by pinning a medal on their chest ;)
  9. Scapey

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    Sweeet :)

    BTW, Cyberman - You gonna be at the Leicester sci-fi event in June?

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