New contest idea! RPF "Tacky Off" 2011!


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I was thinking about this last night, and while I own lots of things, some of them aren't really that tacky.

Some are strange, some are weird, but nothing really offends the senses when you look at it and nothing really makes you wonder "Why, on god's green earth, did you buy/make/think of that?"

So...... I propose a contest. A contest that you really don't need talent to win.


30$ maximum.
You can use stuff you already have, but you have to put that amount towards the total, i.e. spray paint you already own gets added to the tab.
Keep tool work to a minimum. Some of us have lathes, and drill presses and cnc machines, and others have dremels, and some have play doh. Let's keep the playing field level.
Nothing pornographic, i.e. if a 10 year old can't look at it legally, don't make it.
Doesn't have to be prop related, or from a movie at all. This is a creative exercise in bad taste.
TACKY DOES NOT MEAN OFFENSIVE, just in bad taste. If you have to wonder if the item is offensive, it probably is. We are looking to only offend the eyes, not the mind (as much).

So... who's up for a contest?

Right now I can offer up a prize of either a Superman crystal (got a few spares floating around), or a 25$ gift card to somewhere for a good dinner.

You don't have to say what your tacky idea IS, you just have to build it, and take pics of it while you do it. Leave it up to the public for a vote of how horrible/blingtastic it is, and whoever wins, wins. If someone wants to offer up other prizes that's more than cool with me.

Heck, we can even do possible categories!
Overall "Holy ******"
"It looks like a flea market threw up"/"It looks like a white trash bomb exploded"
Most unique use of glitter/shiny
Are you gonna ebay that?

I figure Sept 1st is a good end date. That gives us a little over a month to make something so awful that even the Franklin Mint wouldn't sell limited collectibles of it.

Who's up for a contest?
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Something tacky.

Doesn't matter what it is, or where it's from. It can be a replica prop, or just something you thought of and went "Holy crap, that'd be pretty damned tacky, let me build it cause I want a free steak dinner!"

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