New build. Steampunk/midevil Batman


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I am still finishing up my arkham origins suit ( waiting on the cape. ) so I st started something a but different. Working with an unfold of the arkham origins cowl I have started to give it an old look to it. Not sure yet if I will go all Steampunk or just midevil yet, but her it what I have so far.

i have my pattern all cut and layers out ready to go.

all glued up. I was not happy with the chin. It was way to big. The rest fist fine. Do I gave orca cut an glued a new on on.
as for the rivits, I used a trick from a you tube video by using googlely eyes. Doesn't look like much now but once sealed and plasti diped it should be fine.



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started painting. Using a buff and rub method. Starting off with bronze paint on a rag. I buff it on to my plasti diped piece and let dry. I am going to go over this with either hammered steel or silver. Then I have some detail pieces to add on.
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