new bond freek member



Hi guys
Looking for James Bond props to add to my collection
Willing to look at any item to buy


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Welcome to the forum! Since you're new I'll help you out here. You have to have so many posts before you can post a "Want To Buy" thread. And you do that in the "Junkyard" section.

There IS a New Members Want to Buy section just for people like you who are new. Feel free to try there.

Threads like this aren't appropriate here, but since you're new you probably had no idea. If you use the "search" function, you can find lots of amazing James Bond props in peoples private collections. If you read up you will see that some people make props for sale and you will be able to buy them from those people.

Anyway, hope this helps you. Again, welcome to the forums.


Michael Bergeron

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Or even better, there are tonnes of threads right here in the Replica Props section that could help guide you on how to build some on your own! Some are very simple.

Once you've been around for a while you'll get access to the paper prop section as well. There are some Bond files in there.



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Yes, OB is correct and I didn't even think to mention it. Building your own props is simply one of the MOST fun things to do!
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