New Blade Runner Toys?

Blade Runner rooftop battle playset! From Mattel.

I can hear the old commerical announcers theatrics now........

Look out Deckard, Roy Batty just found Priss!
Who wouldnt want a blimp with working screens, voice over and lights. I beleive its in all cuts of the film and i havent got a bad word to say about Sir Ridley.
I talked from someone from McFarlane a long while back and they told me they wanted to get Blade Runner for the Movie Maniacs series, but the BR Partnership wanted an insane amount of money. Bud and Jerry aren't actually in business together except for them owning Blade Runner. Both these guys are moguls in their own right, and in order to get them together to do something you need to wave a ton of cash at them. That is still why I think they won't do anything with BR unless it is big.

I think it is also possible that the BR Partnership stayed away from licensing much in the way of BR related stuff in order to keep from the property from being over saturated. Possibly in order to sell the whole property at some point as a whole package. Since they seemed to have not resigned the distribution with Warner Brothers yet, it could be a sign. Also the movie sequel rights, as I figure everybody here knows already, have been purchased, and now have Ridley on board, it would also mean the merchandising rights themselves have a whole new potential market. George Lucas used to okay just about every toy, and these guys don't have the time to worry about all that minutia.

Blade Runner was, and still is a "cult" film. Most of the fans of the film seem to also be much more mature, and less likely to collect low cost toys. Still... there are a lot more adult collectors of toys today, than there were back then. Like Comics, and collector cards, adults have taken over the purchasing of this stuff. The ERTL die cast cars were not done all that well and like the 18" kenner ALIEN before it, have become high price collectors items long after being clearanced out for pennies.

Even so the stuff coming out would have to be of the higher end format, such as the Die cast car replicas. That would be a big one too since Syd Mead has a following of high end collectors himself. I could also see the 12" 1:6 scale figures being done as well. I also think the Gun could also be done as a fully Licenced, low number, limited edition collectible, even if only for those that not willing to buy unlicensed stuff which could be the same as "Bootlegged" stuff to them. Also, us super collectors will have to get one too of course ;).

Personally I would love to see some high end toys including possibly the Lego versions of the vehicles and figures. Lego already did do toys related to the new Batman movies which were 'R' rated. I would also love to see some of the current Japanese stuff getter a slightly bigger production run and sold in the US such as the Medicom Spinner. So many ideas for stuff I would love that would not be to easy to sell for an 'R' Rated movie, but it is still fun to speculate on it.

The one and only thing I really hope to see if these things do come to pass, is an "Art of..." Coffee Table book of preproduction art, and maybe even a fully illustrated expanded version of "Future Noir" as a part of it. One can only hope.

I just hope they do a fan club kit, and it comes with a button with Deckard's face on it, and blank cards, and an offworld certificate. I hope they do hot wheels cars of the spinners!
Maybe in the new movie the blaster will have an extra screw in it, wouldnt that cause a fuss:love

If a series of high end figures is the best we can get out of the new rights deal in regards to the original movie, id be happy with that. Bags they make a highly detailed patrolman first.

I think the new movie will go to the colonies then a whole new design of vehicles, spacecraft and finally some new weaponary, mostly military, might come into play. Any ideas?
Who wouldnt want a blimp with working screens, voice over and lights. I beleive its in all cuts of the film and i havent got a bad word to say about Sir Ridley.


Blade Runner Screen Test - YouTube

Speaking of "indeed!" I want Hot Toys to do a James Hong run - can you imagine these?

Chew, with cold suit and eye equipment
David Lo Pan - Little old basket case on wheels
David Lo Pan - The ten foot tall roadblock
There is a company called "Headplay" that seems to be doing a lot of previously un-sculpted actors (as well as the go-to guys).
They recently showed heads for Roger Moore, Sean Bean, and Pierce Brosnan... but whats fun about headplay is that they also do a lot of Asian actors. They just released a Beat Takeshi head that I'm seriously considering for a Zatoichi figure bash.
Headplay 1/6 Head Sculpts | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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