New AMT Star Wars Models? Reissue or Retooled?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by SinkTube Jedi, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. SinkTube Jedi

    SinkTube Jedi Well-Known Member

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    Just wondering, have mostly MPC kits but always good tohave nicer ones.
  2. Gary Weaver II

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  3. cobywan

    cobywan Sr Member

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    They are reissues. The new kits will be Episode III subjects. They will probably be available late fall from what I hear. You might be better off tracking down some of the Revell of Germany Sith kits. Some are available now. I just don't know where to get them yet.
  4. division 6

    division 6 Master Member

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    Not only reissues but also over priced.
    I saw a snap together AT-ST for $14.
    They where originally $6.
    and I keep seeing people back east finding them for $3.

    It just kills me. :angry

    BUT for those doing Biker Scout costumes they can once again get the Vader TIE for the wing greeblie that goes on the arm plates. ;)

  5. SinkTube Jedi

    SinkTube Jedi Well-Known Member

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    Thanks, yes they are kind of expensive.
  6. Aegis159

    Aegis159 Sr Member

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  7. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Sr Member

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    we have these at wal-mart , they come with a picture inside the box
    Millenium Falcon

    wish I woulda known they were gonna do this. I coulda saved money on thje snowspeeder I bought

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