New AMT Star Wars Models? Reissue or Retooled?

Originally posted by SinkTube Jedi@Apr 27 2005, 05:19 PM
Just wondering, have mostly MPC kits but always good tohave nicer ones.

They are reissues. The new kits will be Episode III subjects. They will probably be available late fall from what I hear. You might be better off tracking down some of the Revell of Germany Sith kits. Some are available now. I just don't know where to get them yet.
Not only reissues but also over priced.
I saw a snap together AT-ST for $14.
They where originally $6.
and I keep seeing people back east finding them for $3.

It just kills me. :angry

BUT for those doing Biker Scout costumes they can once again get the Vader TIE for the wing greeblie that goes on the arm plates. ;)

we have these at wal-mart , they come with a picture inside the box
Millenium Falcon

wish I woulda known they were gonna do this. I coulda saved money on thje snowspeeder I bought
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