New All Fabric 3 Dimensional Breathable Batman Arkham Asylum Bodysuit.

New All Fabric 3 Dimensional Breathable Batman Arkham Asylum Bodysuit.

We have a thread up already regarding the majority of our work so far on the AA/AC suit. But I hope its ok to start a new thread for this next step we are going to do. This is an early pic of an all fabric/raised gel ink flexible, breathable bodysuit. We are approaching this in the same way the new Superman and Spiderman suits have been done and really feel we are on to something special here that we are very excited about!

We love the sub-died suits and wanted to build off that. This is a quick shot of a heavy weight spandex which has the grid pattern used on the AA suit 3-dimensionally printed on it. Its not the finished shape but getting close. This is machine washable and will not fade. These will be printed in a dark gray and sewn exact to the suit with all the channels, piping, etc… We will be doing two builds one on a very large naturally athletic model and one with a foam undersuit similar to the latest production suits. Hope to have some more pics of the finished fabric in a week than its off to be sewn. Also updates coming on the Spiderman prototype. Very Excited!
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i was just researching how to do this here in ny but guess i can learn from you guys now. great thread. cant wait to hear and see more.


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Can't wait to see more! This is by far the best Bat Suit out there and to watch how you did each piece is amazing! Not enough good things can be said about this suit.


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I've been researching this type of project as well. So I'm very interested, especially if there are any runs of a suit printed this way.


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I can't wait to see how the fabric turns out. I'm reserving all questions since Batpirisss usually gives very detailed updates.
Update guys finally. We have been extremely busy since the end of the year and have been scattered between so many different projects, both practical effects and film work, that we are just getting back under control project wise. This combined with a recent shop move, and dealing with several problems with our subcontracted shipping service, and it’s been constant work.

The 3D fabric is done! We have finally gotten to a place with the 3D fabric where we are all happy. Again this is something that we have been inventing as we go. There was no precedent for it even in the screen printing industry. We brought in several consultants from different supply companies, Nike, and others to help refine the process. Now the material has been taken to the seamstress to do more R&D on the actual bodysuit.

We also are molding the new City belt, gaunts, and boots. We expect those, as well as the darker colored version of the suit to be done shortly. Thanks for hanging in there and expect pics of everything real soon.
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