New 52 Flash like-armor foam suit for kid (COMPLETED)


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Hi Everyone, a few weeks ago I built a new 52 based flash suit for my 4 years kid.


It's all made in 5mm / 2mm foam. The parts are:
- Complete cowl with separated chin (Based of JFCustom captain america foam helmet with modified parts, the chin was extracted from a CW flash foam file and cut to fit my kid's face)
- Belt (freehanded)
- Gauntlets (generic gauntlet template from TheFoamCave used as base)
- Chest+abs (totally freehanded, you can see the pics I've based below)
- Boots (captain america boot covers template from TheFoamCave used as base)

The characteristic lines for the new 52 suit are made cutting a triangular lines (like making a mountain cut, see the JFCustom's post for more info) in the 5mm foam and gluing 2mm strips inside.

Consider only the first figure...

Some inspirational/reference pics:

New 52 concept suit

Flash armor suit concept

Flash cowl

Some build pics:

IMG_6313.JPG IMG_6312.JPG IMG_6322.JPG IMG_6327.JPG IMG_6331.JPG IMG_6330.JPG

Completed suit over plain red Tracksuit:
IMG_6338.JPG IMG_6339.JPG

Finally, what do you think about? I'm waiting your opinions


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Great work! I love these types of builds for kids. They outgrow everything so quickly it's so much more practical to use foam.
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