New 52 Batman Buckle Work In Progress - 3D Model

Graphic Jordan

Sr Member
Hey guys,

So this is my first time modeling anything so be kind.

It is far from done. This shows the buckle and parts that would connect to the pods. The pods will be modeled next. I took a bunch of ref pics of the buckle and made up my own interpretation since it's drawn differently every time.

Here are some pics. I'll be sure to update this thread as I progress.

This will eventually be 3D printed, refined from there, sanding, primer, etc.
Will then be molded, cast in resin and spray a nice gold automotive paint and mounted on a thick rubber belt.

By the way. I suck at rendering the buckle in Blender. lol





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I'm happy to see someone else working on a non-movie utility belt. I've been working on the Batman Inc and the original 1939 Utility belt myself. Keep up the good work, i'll be keeping up with this thread.

Graphic Jordan

Sr Member
Fresh outta the mold, little cleanup work required. Just sat them on this for picture sake.. not the real base belt. Whatcha think?




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