Service New 3d printer service startup


Jr Member
What size limits? where would you post?
300x200x500 mm size limit, as stated for a full size print.
the 50 gold level that includes one full size print could be 2 prints at half that size etc.

would post anywhere as long as you cover the postage costs. ;)
probably not a good idea to post gun shaped parts overseas though, ;)

Thanks for for the interest.

just noticed you are uk as well so postage there is no problem.


Jr Member
Think of it as a kickstarter.
if it breaks any rules here, then my apologies, please remove it.


Jr Member
Btw I have asked them to change it to an all or nothing campaign, so if the goal isn't reached you pay nothing.

Kevin Gossett

Master Member
You're asking for £2,000 worth of "orders" so you can purchase a printer, then you'll fulfill those orders?

Where will the material costs come from? Have you considered the logistics of fulfilling, at minimum, 40 large orders (and the time that will take)? Downtime due to calibrating your new printer? Repair costs?

3D printing isn't just "download model, hit print". I've had my printer for almost a year now and I'm still tweaking for better print quality.


Jr Member
Doesn't matter now anyway as gofundme doesn't do all or nothing on the uk. So this is canceled.