New 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote


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Oh...oh wow! Let's hope they can keep the scale 1:1 for our modding purposes. It's a small prop, but I can't imagine the electronics would take up HUGE amounts of space so long as this thing could be designed to run on a single AAA battery.

...Fingers crossed, but I'm really hopeful seeing that they've scanned one of the filming props.


Oncoming Storm

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There's lots more info at their site, including measurements and the exact similarities and differences from the original prop... Sounds like it's going to be pretty great. The only concern I have is that the finish on the body will be injection-molded, which sounds like the CO toy. But I'll reserve judgement until pics are posted. Hopefully they have a way to do a much better job on that.

The Cog

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This is great.....always looking for that next cool piece, and this one might just be one that i need to get if it is accurate enough!


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Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if the crackle pattern is molded into the body as long as the lines aren't too deep/wide. After I finished repainting my mfx, the crackle lines were nice and deep.


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$110.00. Looks pretty close to the prop too. Looks like the body may be injection moulded ABS, while the metal is actually machined aluminum. A micro USB beneath the end cap to charge it with. Oh YEA! This will be in my pocket most everywhere I go!

Looks like they have refined the technology more too! I wonder if they would ever go back and redo the 11th sonic. Fix the shape of the connector. You could pull the end cap off and have a micro USB charger in it as well. And make it slide....


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Oh man. If it's as good as it sounds...oh baby, YES! :D It's basically a perfect replica prop for a hundred bucks. Who even cares about the remote control functions? :lol

Cap Fitzgerald

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My ONLY concern is the sounds, I hope their not as ridiculous as the ones on the 11th. They can do a lot of the random one off noises like the bleeping on Donna and stuff.

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