Neverwinter ironman mk42 3d print


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I've been working on this suit for a while now, slowly printing sizing and altering it.
I have a makerbot mini. DO NOT BUY A MAKERBOT! I bought it and I'm stuck with it but it gets the job done.

I have made the suit out of pla because my printer lacks a heated bed, and I dont feel like sitting there with a hair dryer for the first few layers.
welding the parts together is proving to be a pain. most glues don't work effectively or make ugly messes. I have decided to weld parts together using the waste material created from rafts.

The models are from Abb eliten (arm), jackieisrockin(chest and backplate), mstrperson(arduino case), MIPRESIDENTE(Helmet), Helagak(abs[eventually]) I only altered these models they are not mine!!!

I intend to make alterations if I can get them to load in autocad and add proper support for fans and lighting as well as the wings and a few extra features.
I really want to make the parts connect like lego pieces so I can break it down for storage and easier alignment for us poor saps with 4 inch or smaller beds.

This is the lighting based on adafruits neopixels and an arduino. a 30$ backup battery from amazon with 12000 mAH










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whats wrong with the maker bot? just the surfaces not smooth? I got a question, would you be interested in printing me a set of MK42 hip pods? my suit currently doesnt have them, and I could probably just velcro them to what I got. Gimme a DM if its something you think you'd be into. thanks.