Netflix: Love on the Spectrum


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Loved this show, it got us through part of COVID lockdown with it's pure honesty and really touching look at a section of society that is so often misunderstood and is really under represented on TV.
It didn't feel expolitative in anyway, just an honest look at the lives of people on the autism spectrum looking for something we all need, love.
Jodie is a fantastic person in the series too, you can see she loves her job and is a positive guide for those featured.
Really uplifting and well worth a watch.


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Man when I saw the title, Love on the spectrum, I thought of something completely different, LOL. So glad it wasn't that. I'll have to CK it out.


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Michael Theo from the show has his own Podcast called, Mr. A+ with Michael Theo. If you are fan of the Netflix show, you should give his podcast a listen.
I've seen both the UK versions which I think is three seasons and two of the Aussie version, both are good but the Aussie version had more style and went more into the people and their situation seriously where the UK could come across a bit strange at times..

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