(Netflix) Daredevil: Matt's white cane (decent low budget build)

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    I'm a little excited to share this with you guys 'cause it's such an easy build for a very small budget and you really end up having a decent prop in the end.

    I made myself the white can from the Netflix Daredevil show. Real white canes can be pretty expensive (up to 120 Euros) and mine ended up being so much cheaper.

    The basic problem was finding a good base but after a trip to IKEA the solution was pretty easy. I just used a white curtain rod that was so * cheap (3 Euros) and since this was all I had to buy for this build I'm so happy with the outcome.

    From there It was pretty easy. I searched for a pic of Charlie Cox with the cane and took some measurements. It seems to be 145cm long (which happens to be a standard size of white canes). For the handle i used some foam rubber I happened to have.

    There will be a verison 2 of this where I'll be using some synthetic leather but even with that that verison will end up costing less than 10 Euros.

    Needless to say that this version isn't foldable but for the price I'm willing to ignore that.

    Hope you guys like it

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    Nicely done!!!

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